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UAM (Urban Air Mobility)

We are preparing our future business.

To lead the future mobility market, we Introduced a 10-seater seaplane first in Korea.

We will participate in K-UAM, demonstrate K-UAM projects, build a new transportation platform and promote the developed aviation and leisure business.

4-Seater amphibious
Cessna T206H

10-Seater amphibious
Cessna T208B

Strengths of this business model

  • ‘Up-market’

    Scarcity compared
    to land-flight biz.

    Advanced country
    type aviation
    leisure business

  • Travel agency

    Package goods
    related to fishing
    or golf

  • Possible

    Passenger before
    construction of
    Ulleungisland Airport

    The connections
    between cities & lakes
    (Air Taxi)

  • Lowering barriers
    to entry

    Licenses to control a
    seaplane & air craft

    Issuance of the only
    official license in Korea
    through education

  • Tremendous
    growth potential

    Providing special
    experiences that
    cannot be accessed
    with existing tourism
    infrastructure such as
    Jeju Island Tour and
    Heuksan Island Tour