Customer satisfaction in a changing world, one step ahead of management practice


We set a goal of becoming a Global Blue-chip Company and contribute to develop a Human Society,Base on our Code of Ethics "Contribute to society and the state Forever a proud community"

Base on 'Customer satisfaction', we contribute to develop our National Economy by Growth of Company, Improvement of member's life quality, Value enlarging of Shareholders, respect for man's life and dignity and cultivating human resources, practicing transparent management.

We make a great effort to be a Global Blue-chip Company by cultivating human resources, R&D.

We promise to be a 'Proudful Cheongbo Members' those who do our best to develop our Company with Honor and Dignity.

So, We set the 'Code of Ethics' as the standard of our behavior and value judgement.

  1. Principles of executives and staff members

    • We respect the Company's Honor and Dignity as Cheongbo Members.
    • We do with our utmost effort (R&D, Self-study) to get a Global lever Quality Competitiveness
    • We contribute to develop our Company by doing sincerely our given duties.
    • We should keep one's private and public life separate, and do not make personal gains by using our position.
    • We never order unreasonable direction, we never insult others character and we never sexual harass.
  2. Respect to Humankind

    • We do our best to be the Company who contribute to develop Human Society.
    • We do our best for preservation of The Earth Environment by environment-friendly products and services.
    • We respect the regulations and cultures of all nation(local society) where have a business with us.
    • We fully engage ourselves in the business with our collaborations as equal position by fair and sincere attitude.
  3. Respect to Customer

    • We always think customer's situation first, and do our best to be a Cheongbo Members those who are trusted by customers.
    • We react quickly and correctly to customer's inquiry and we must keep the promise of customer.
    • We do our best to do not happen damage to customer by defective goods.
  4. Respect to Shareholders

    • We think our company's profit and protect the benefit of shareholders by decision making and practicing transparent management.
    • We protect the rights of shareholders which were according to the rules, open managing information to the public promptly as well as accounting information
  5. Duty of 'Code of Ethics' Observance

    • We should follow the "Code of Ethics", executives and managers are accountable for managing that make employees to obey the 'Code of Ethics'.