Customer satisfaction in a changing world, one step ahead of management practice


Resettle of Business Culture, Reform of Factory, Research and Development

In the world which changes through the customer satisfactory management practice which goes first
Today and tomorrow the silver lining! Cheongbo Co.,Ltd. will make and will go.

Cheonbo was established in 1979 and we are accumulating high level of precise technologies as a car parts manufacturing firm and also the company is accumulating continuous research and development based on our outstanding technical manpower, and since 1981, the company constructed mass-production system of high quality products after imported precise structure engineering process and we are doing all our best to satisfy our customer's satisfaction in our business management.

In the future this Cheonbo industrial company will establish 'Resettle of Business Culture','Reform of Factory', 'Research and Development' as our strategy, and all our directors, officers and employees will do all their best to be the top of future mobility in the world.

CEO Kevin Oh